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My 10-year-old Has Started Her Own Blog

My 10-year-old has started her own blog. Half of my brain is great with this. Knows it’s an awesome opportunity for her to engage with the world about something she loves. Hopes it will spurn her on to embrace her passions. Loves the idea of her learning in the trenches.

The other part of my brain is scared to death. Scared that we are pushing boundaries that will put her in danger. Scared that she will run head-on into disappointment, frustration, and confusion. (I AM a blogger, so I know these things come with the territory.) I’m scared she will be too focused on numbers and not enough on content. Too worried about appeasing her audience, and not sticking with authenticity. Too concerned with perfectionism to stay true to what’s driven her there in the first place.

I’m thankful that the enthusiastic side of my brain has won the argument long enough to get her up and running. And so I sit here with my worries, but before I can say “Google Analytics” all the people who love her have climbed on board her new rocket and are cheering her on as she shoots towards the stars. (She IS 10, you know.) She is getting the biggest confidence boost from her village; the biggest she’s gotten since learning how to ride a bicycle when you’re almost 5 and the hi-fives just keep on coming. She is staring face-to-face with what it feels like to come up with a great idea and the crowd goes wild.

I’ll bask in the reflection of her glory for a bit, thrilled with her smile and the momentum building-up behind her. I’ll worry a little about what’s to come. And I’ll learn from her – no doubt I already have – as she stumbles through this new place she is so glad to be, holding on tightly to what brought her here in the first place.

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3 thoughts on “My 10-year-old Has Started Her Own Blog

    • Thanks, Christina! I think it is great. She hasn’t posted too many times yet, but tonight she was listing off all the posts she has in mind to get put up this weekend. Excited for this adventure for her and so I’m putting my worries aside for the benefit of her risk-taking. #parenting

  1. I completely understand the bridge you are straddling here. My twelve year old just entered the world of social media, and I waver between being excited to see him find his way to wanting to shut everything down and keep him tucked safely under my wings. Thank you for sharing!

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