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Project UnderBlog is a submission-based writing project honoring the smaller voices in the blogging community. Anyone can submit and share their voices and stories without consideration of their blog stats, followers, page ranks, and social media reach.

See, it isn’t all about the numbers. There are thousands of writers within the blogging community that write with authenticity on a daily basis and, because they may not possess the numbers most writing communities want, they may not feel they are being heard. But that doesn’t diminish the value of what they have to say. Project UnderBlog is a place where bloggers are accepted based on the power of their words and not on the reach of their numbers – where they can be heard, promoted, and celebrated no matter their size. It is about celebrating the fierceness of the “underblog.”

We welcome any style of writing, any topic, and any voice here at Project Underblog. Browse through our archives below to read some excellent posts by both our contributors, past and present, and wonderful submission writers. And while you’re here, leave a comment or begin a conversation. Maybe you’ll be inspired to submit something of your own, so we can meet you and celebrate your voice, too. We love our community!

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